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We are The Stormbots, a FIRST Robotics team from Chanhassen High School in Chanhassen, Minnesota. Currently, we participate in FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC), a program in which participants design, build, and program a robot to complete specific tasks/challenges, along with learning important business and life skills that will last us our lifetimes.

This program has taught us more than just technical and employable skills – it has made us more confident and determined students, eager to solve the world's challenges. However, to continue our successes into the 2016-17 season, we require the funds to operate our team. From robot build parts, to tournament fees and travel costs, it is quite costly to run a strong Robotics team like the Stormbots. It is our goal to continue to expand our program operating multiple FTC (same goals, different tasks, smaller robots) teams, and mentoring many more FLL teams that can teach children the importance of science and technology at a young age – and we wouldn't be able  to do any of it without your help!

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  • Theresa Brady donated "It's great that you are expanding your horizons, learning about technology and teamwork." - via Blaine Von Ruden
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  • David Reich donated "Grandma and Grandpa wish the team good luck." - via Matt Reich
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